Structure from Motion at Sheep Draw

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In spring 2020, the world was hit by a pandemic that spread globally by March, causing universities and most of the world to move to remote means. Summer field camps, long hailed as a rite of passage in the geosciences, were cancelled throughout the US. The community moved quickly, with NAGT developing remote learning tools and arranging for sharing and collaboration between instructors and institutions. As such, UNAVCO (GETSI) and University of Northern Colorado embarked on a data collection campaign for a summer field course entitled "Geoscience Field Issues Using High-Resolution Topography to Understand Earth Surface Processes" – originally slated for in-person teaching. The team collected GNSS data, drone imagery for use in structure from motion, and terrestrial laser scanning from a site near Greeley, Colorado on the Poudre River. In this assignment, students conduct a Structure from Motion (SfM) survey of the Sheep Draw field site. The end product is a point cloud used in additional assignments to conduct analyses.


Photos for the Teach the Earth, Teaching with Online Field Experiences, Teaching Activity “Structure from Motion at Sheep Draw” https://serc.carleton.edu/NAGTWorkshops/online_field/activities/239350.html from course “Geoscience Field Issues Using High-Resolution Topography to Understand Earth Surface Processes” https://serc.carleton.edu/NAGTWorkshops/online_field/courses/240348.html

Images were collected using a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone. Two flight paths were conducted at altitudes of 40-m (Figure 3) and 50-m (Figure 4) and different orientations. The flight was completed with an app that allows for automatic flight with specified overlap of photos. (70% side and 80% forward).

Flight 1 was completed at 40-m altitude with the application Pix4D Capture.

Flight 2 was completed at 50-m altitude with the application Pix4D Capture.

40.445446 deg lat

-104.775795 deg long

Area1_Photos.zip (512611 kB)
Area 1 photos

Area2_Photos.zip (644747 kB)
Area 2 photos