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This study aimed at exploring the extent of comprehension and knowledge of digital citizenship among Saudi Arabia teachers. A mixed methods research design was chosen for this study in order to identify the scope and perceptions of digital citizenship awareness among Saudi Arabia teachers based on Ribble’s characterization of respect, educate, and protect and the concurrent triangulation research design to collect both qualitative and quantitative data. Specifically, this study focused on investigating how demographic characteristics such as gender, grade level of teaching, and years of experience could influence the perceptions of Saudi teachers with regard to digital citizenship awareness through the semi-structured interviews and an online survey to gather qualitative and quantitative information. Interview results demonstrated teachers’ perceptions of digital citizenship and awareness of such factors as respect, educate, and protect according to Ribble’s categorization. Four male teachers answered the questions about their knowledge of digital citizenship. There were also statistically significant findings on digital citizenship and the importance of such factors as gender, the years of experience, and the grade level of teaching. The answers of teachers helped to reach statistical significance on the level of digital citizenship awareness for Saudi Arabia teachers. Several recommendations on how digital citizenship awareness could be improved and what steps could be taken in future research were given and properly explained.

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