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The purpose of this study was to integrate technology into technology-rich, English language learning classrooms in Saudi Arabia. Technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge (TPACK) framework was used to design activities of technology integration for teachers’ and students’ achievement and effectiveness. This study used a mixed-method of quantitative and qualitative to collect data. All participants were male teachers who taught English language courses in public Saudi Arabian schools. Participants were gender specific because the school system in Saudi Arabia separates males and females. The researcher, who was also male, had access to the male portion of the education system and, thus, interviewed and observed only teachers and students. Two research-developed pre- and post-surveys were administered to participants digitally. The researcher conducted observations and in-depth, recorded interviews with each teacher (n = 2). Also, an in-depth recorded interview was conducted with students (n = 2) for data analysis to provide depth to the student perspective collected. The results showed that TPACK framework is an effective tool for both teachers and students to enhance teaching and learning if it is well implemented and used. Teachers in this study showed interest for a better future of education with technology being well integrated and used in the curriculum. Implications of this study are clear that teachers will be more ready and productive with technology integration once technology is part of education laws and policy.

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