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The purpose of this research is to promote the complete works of composer Luis Gianneo (1897–1968) through the analysis of his pieces for violin, including the Aymara Violin Concerto, the Sonata for Violin and Piano, Cinco Piezas for violin and piano, and Tres Piezas for violin solo. These pieces represent the wide variety of the styles and compositional techniques that Gianneo explored during his lifetime. In his violin concerto and works for violin and piano, Gianneo cultivated Argentine nationalism as well as European influences such as Neoclassicism. Later in his life, in Tres Piezas for violin solo, he experimented with serialism. A brief history of music in Argentina will contextualize the composer’s works and legacy in his native country and the world. Through the study and analysis of his violin works, the student and scholar will better grasp Gianneo’s unique musical language and style. Gianneo’s life impacted not only musicians, but also institutions, which he was committed to creating and improving. He created many youth orchestras and participated in the leadership of musical associations. Today, many conservatories, libraries, and a string quartet in Argentina are named after Luis Gianneo. There is, however, a lack of in-depth information about the composer, particularly in sources other than publications in Spanish. This research intends to promote Gianneo’s music, encourage the publication of his works, and bring to light his life and musical legacy as a source of information for those looking to learn more about Gianneo.

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