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The clinical post-conference is an established component of nursing education; however, little research exists related to the clinical post-conference. This study sough to develop guidelines for use by nursing faculty to facilitate clinical post-conference and to determine perceived outcomes of clinical post-conferences in the overall goal of student nurse development of clinical competence. The Delphi method was used to obtain consensus about clinical post-conferences from full-time nursing faculty with experience using clinical post-conferences. Full-time nursing faculty with experience facilitating clinical post-conferences were sent three rounds of questionnaires. The Round 1 questionnaire consisted of open-ended questions asking about recommendations for the clinical post-conference. One hundred ten faculty participants met the inclusion criteria and responded to the Round 1 questionnaire, making up the expert panel of participants. The Round 2 questionnaire asked participants to indicate their level of agreement with statements obtained from responses to the Round 1 questionnaire. Consensus was met when 70% of participants agreed. The Round 3 questionnaire asked participants to reconsider their responses to statements not meeting consensus in Round 2. In Rounds 2 and 3, 244 statements about the clinical post-conference met consensus. Faculty recommended clinical post-conferences to be held for 45 minutes to one hour immediately following the clinical experience in a private and comfortable setting. Discussion was the main teaching strategy recommended by faculty for the clinical post-conferences. Faculty also recommended student-led clinical post- conferences. The perceived outcomes of the clinical post-conference included clinical reasoning, reflection, and tying didactic content to clinical experiences. Consensus among faculty identified the clinical post-conference as an essential component of nursing education. Further research exploring actual outcomes of the clinical post-conference should be further explored.

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