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Academic study of jazz vocal styles is quickly becoming more commonplace and widely accepted at universities worldwide. Because this is a relatively new field as compared to Western classical styles, there are fewer educators who have substantial knowledge of vocal pedagogy specifically as it relates to jazz and Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM), resulting in a wide range of teaching approaches. Furthermore, many jazz voice teachers are tasked with the responsibility of educating students in improvisation, theory, arranging, and style in addition to their responsibility to teach technique. This dissertation defines necessary elements of vocal technique in jazz and evaluates the current pedagogical state of these elements through interviews with twenty experienced jazz voice educators. This study determines current trends in private jazz voice instruction as they relate to vocal technique, examines effective curricular practices that succeed in training students in jazz voice mechanics, and identifies existing established pedagogical practices that can be applied to jazz from other styles. Twenty vocal jazz pedagogues were interviewed regarding their background and training in jazz voice pedagogy, their teaching styles as they relate to technical aspects of the voice in private lessons, and vocal technique resources they utilize in their teaching. The qualitative study is intended to continue a discussion about the most effective ways that jazz instructors can continue to help their students obtain the best tools to further their vocal abilities and level of artistry.

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