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The use of blended learning in kindergarten–12 (K–12) schools in the past decade has seen a dramatic increase, but the research on the effectiveness of blended learning has shown mixed results. However, some schools use blended learning that would be considered successful. The purpose of this study was to explore the lived experience of principals in high-performing schools that use blended learning. A post-intentional phenomenological methodology was used to explore the lived experience of the principals in this study. The primary source of data collection was semi-structured interviews of 12 school principals. The principals in this study had common experiences related to (a) collaboration, (b) cultivating culture and climate, (d) development and evaluation of instruction, and (e) desk work. This study indicates that the experience of a principal in a blended school is like the experience of a principal in a school that does not use blended learning, except in the manifestation related to using data to inform development and evaluation of instruction. Additional research should be conducted on factors related to successful blended learning schools to those that are not successful. The definition of blended learning needs further examination as the definition of blended learning and hybrid learning is too broad in most research related to blended learning. Findings from this research will help future research on blended learning and help the leaders of hybrid and other schools that use blended learning.

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