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This qualitative narrative study captured the stories of the schooling experiences of Black American diplomat families who attended sponsored American international schools overseas. The purpose of this study was to examine the racialized experiences of Black American diplomat families whose children attend or attended United States sponsored American international schools (SAIS) overseas compared to Black middle-class racialized schooling experiences in the United States. Through interviewing, counterstories were captured from a total of twelve participants consisting of seven parents and five students. In this study, the data revealed Black diplomat students and their parents experienced similar, consistent racialization in United States and sponsored schools overseas. Students and parents experienced micro and macroaggressions, were treated as inferior and in some cases physical and symbolic violence occurred. With the sponsored American international schools referenced in this study espousing colorblindness, the participants’ racialized events were discounted and dismissed by school officials and community members. Additionally, middle to affluent class identities intersecting with American national identities almost exacerbated racism for the participants indicating the salience of race over class in the ethos of American schooling and points to white normativity and anti-blackness in both domestic and overseas U.S. school contexts. Swift and thorough research in all facets of SAIS should be a priority for the organizing and gatekeeping bodies who govern these schools. Key words: American international schools, Black middle-class, racialization, counterstory, narratives, antiblackness.

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