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This thesis will examine the gender differences women and men experience in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields (STEM) in undergraduate education focusing on the binary genders--men and women--and their experiences in STEM. Thus, the research question is: Do undergraduate women in STEM experience higher levels of gender differences compared to men in STEM? This is an important research question because if female undergraduates in STEM are experiencing sexism while their male colleagues are not, this phenomenon may create a large issue of inequalities for women in our society. STEM fields are typically higher paying fields and if women are not given the same opportunities as men, it may create more inequalities and more barriers. This thesis will specifically address the patterns among men and women that they experience in undergraduate STEM courses. The experiences men and women encounter in undergraduate STEM courses will affect their chosen careers due to their gender differences. This thesis will also utilize intersectionality theory to find how race and gender may intersect when analyzing gender differences that may occur in STEM fields. Analyzing the gendered differences and experiences is best practiced when utilizing intersectionality because it can help explain the interwinnings of discrimination women of color face when being in a space that was created for white men (Alfred, Ray, & Johnson 2019).

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