Kristin Bovaird-Abbo

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Masculinity is a construct that has come into question in the recent past as society grapples with concepts of gender and roles. The following quote alludes to the significance of this project: "some masculine traits are concerning and potentially harmful for the person in question and those around him" (Mull 2). I intend to address the growing concerns society has with men's identities. To do this, I am writing a short, 80-page, 7-chapter, novel titled Bonus: a Male’s Journey to Masculinity. In it, I discuss the topics: morality, God, men and masculinity, and meaning. Which I argue play into one another, that the concept of God being male gives young men something to strive for, meaning. Morality is a code of conduct for achieving this end, and masculinity as a label moves one in this direction as opposed to another. I am drawing on my previous work on morality, convention, and status function, a theoretical framework of morality "Convention and the normative structure." Books I've read like Thus Spake Zarathustra by Fredrick Nietzsche for this novella. I intend to evoke thoughts in young men who identify with Bonus, and through Bonus rethink morality, God, men and masculinity and meaning - as it applies to their identity. By the end of the novel, I hope that men can begin to identify with their labels, their privilege, the source of immorality, and how the concepts: men, God, and meaning play a role in their masculinity.

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