Journal of Contemplative Inquiry


In March 2019, I was assaulted on a busy NYC train during an early morning commute by a Black woman who appeared to be mentally ill. The incident left an indelible impact on my heart, body, and soul, and created a somatic opening to experience oneness and healing with my attacker, a Black woman, as well as with other Black, Indigenous, and Women of Color who have harmed me, and who I have also harmed. This article will discuss how I used contemplative practices to unpack the complexity of emotions I experienced in the processing of the incident and other interactions with BIWOC, including grief, rage, compassion, and resolve. I will conclude with a description of how I am leveraging this experience to cultivate a commitment to healing and supportive relationships with BIWOC and reimagining ways we can presently experience liberation from our conditioned patterns of relating with one another.