2023: Assessment Mini-Grant Lightning Talks 1


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Spring 5-10-2023


During this learning session, recipients of Assessment Mini Grants will share their projects and findings.

  • Christopher McMahan & Jun Park "Evaluating the Effectiveness of Teaching Modalities on Student Academic Performance across Ethnicities"
  • Tina Farrell "Advancing Clinical Skills in Speech-Language Pathology Graduate Students with Underserved Populations"
  • Chia-Lin Tsai, Gabriel Owusu, & Sidney Bonser "Students' Perceptions of Teaching and Learning in the STAT150 Course: Preliminary Findings from Online and Face-to-Face Sessions"
  • Jenni Harding & Michelle Holmes "Ensuring Validity, Reliability, and Effectiveness of Teacher Candidate Field Observations"
  • Emily Holt & Jessica Duke "Biology Students See Local Climate Change: A Classroom Intervention"
  • Melissa Hoffner & Claire Landrieu "Measuring the Effectiveness of Supplemental Instruction Services at Tutorial Services: A Correlation Study Between Student Use of Supplemental Instruction and End-of-Semester Grades"

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