Turiza Irankunda - Rwanda Kiziba Refugee Camp


Turiza Irankunda


Bryce Ward; ADRA UK representatives with Panorama Productions


Bryce Ward; Panorama Productions

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UNESCO criteria met: ii, iii, v, vi.


Kiziba Refugee Camp; refugees; food rations; family; opportunity to live in a better country; hardships

Individuals Discussed

Irankunda, Turiza; Uwimana, Gentille (Turiza’s mother); Munyaneza, Hertier (Turiza’s brother); Turiza’s sister (unnamed)

Cultural Heritage Inventory

ADRA UK; Kiziba Refugee Camp

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Geographic Coverage

Kiziba Refugee Camp, Rwanda Africa; Congo; United States; United Kingdom; Canada

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Turiza Irankunda - Rwanda Kiziba refugee camp 00:12 Turiza Irankunda: Born a Refugee, ya that one. It’s my family! Or a ya most of them. It’s my mom, my sister, my brother, all of them, yeah! 00:39 Born a Refugee video narrator: The Kiziba Refugee Camp is home to 17,000 people. The camp was established in 1996 when a Kenya-Rwanda speaking ethnic group was forced from their homes in the Congo because of violence. 00:51 Born a Refugee video narrator: Most of the children in the camp have been born here they kn— 00:55 Turiza Irankunda: This my sister and brother, this my sisters and brothers, they were there. 00:59 Born a Refugee video narrator: Life in the camp is difficult. Refugees are contained inside the camp, and do not have much opportunity to earn money to provide even the basic necessities for their families. 01:09 Turiza Irankunda: It’s my mom! It’s my mom. 01:11 Gentille Uwimana translator: There is never enough food to feed the family. But we are surviving, as refugees we have no other choice— 01:17 Bryce Ward: That’s your mom? 01:18 Gentille Uwimana translator: There is no alter— 01:20 Turiza Irankunda: Yeah and that is my sister over there. 01:22 Gentille Uwimana translator: We have this small house to live in— 01:25 Turiza Irankunda: It’s my gran- my daddy. 01:27 Gentille Uwimana translator: —isn’t really big enough for our family. 01:28 Turiza Irankunda: Is my brother. 01:28 Hertier Munyaneza translator: We don’t have enough clothes. Sometimes if we can sell a little of the food that we get, or maybe a chicken that we raise, we can get enough money to buy some clothes for one of the kids in my family. 01:41 Hertier Munyaneza translator: Every month we get food rations from ADRA, but with 11 people in our family it is really not enough to feed us all. Every month we run out of food. 01:50 Hertier Munyaneza translator: If we are lucky, we hope that we might one day be selected to go to the US, UK, or Canada to live. We are praying hard for that.

Transcript Themes

Kiziba Refugee Camp; refugees; food rations; family; opportunity to live in a better country; hardships


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