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UNESCO criteria met: iii, v, vi.


Yaqui tribe; US/Mexico border; Travel visas

Individuals Discussed

Ana's mother

Cultural Heritage Inventory

Yaqui Tribe; Mexican government; USA government; border patrol officers

UNESCO Heritage List Criteria


Geographic Coverage

Sonora, Mexico; Arizona, USA; US/Mexico border

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00:08 Ana Martinez: In Sonora there are tribal called Yaqui. 00:15 Ana: That this tribal don’t need visa to enter to the USA. 00:22 Bryce Ward: People who don’t need a visa? 00:23 Ana: No, uh huh. 00:25 Ana: Is this tribal called Yaqui. Yaqui Tribal. Yaqui Tribal. 00:31 Ana: Is a kind of president, of the tribal, make a letter. Where it say this person is Yaqui, and the person come here to the USA and show this letter and come and enter without problems. 00:56 Ana: My mom have like uh blood Yaqui. My mom has visa to enter to the USAs but every time when she try to enter to the USAs the border patrol says “oh come on, come on. You are Yaqui!” And my mom says “No I’m not Yaqui, I have visa.” 01:21 Paty Machado: Oh, so beautiful! Colorful! 01:24 Ana: They have um, uh dancing. Dances, for dances, traditional dances. 01:37 Bryce Ward: So these are like a Native people? Like a native sort of culture? 01:43 Ana: They has uh they own rules, and government, and cities, you know? 01:54 Ana: When, when the USA bought part of Mexico, this person live there. They live— 02:06 Bryce Ward: They lived right on the border— 02:07 Ana: Uh huh 02:09 Bryce Ward: Between the two countries? 02:10 Ana Martinez: Uh huh 02:12 Bryce Ward (narration post video): The Yaqui people are a native tribe that live near the border between Arizona on the US side, and Sonora on the Mexico side. Because of the location of their ancestral lands and their status as a Native People, both governments have agreed to allow border passage between the two countries for Yaqui tribal members.

Transcript Themes

Yaqui Tribe; Mexican government; USA government; border patrol officers


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