Khomeini’s Self-Destruction


Khomeini’s Self-Destruction

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Artist's Biography

Mitra Chamanbahar is a preservice art teacher studying at the University of Northern Colorado. She will graduate in May of 2021. She practices ceramics, printmaking, and painting. She is passionate about the exploration of culture and identity, sociocultural issues, and the division of people over culture.

Artist's Statement

Throughout my work, I explore race and culture through my own two resisting cultures, Iranian and American. These cultures conflict often and I find myself contemplating how I fit in such a divided space. Being biracial leads me to often find myself part of neither group. I am isolated from both groups in a way for being ‘too different’ despite belonging to both. This divide makes me contemplate what my identity is. For my Khomeini’s Self-Destruction piece, I made it after the 2019 protests that went on in Iran. I found myself angry and frustrated with the Iranian government. I made this piece to expose the hypocrisy of the Iranian government and their unfair treatment of the Iranian people and Persian culture.

Publication Date

Spring 2020

Khomeini’s Self-Destruction