Low Tide


Low Tide

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Artist's Biography

Jenaya Geertsema was born in the city of Denver, CO, and soon moved to a small town in Colorado Springs to live near the beautiful Rocky Mountains. She discovered her passion for art after taking several classes at Discovery Canyon Campus, and in the year 2018 graduated to go on to become an Art Education major at the University of Northern Colorado. Through her college years she has discovered her love for painting and working with kids and hopes to continue these passions after graduation by working as an art teacher, and selling custom artworks through her business.

Artist's Statement

Through the process of painting and creating artwork, I hope to explore the complexity and entireness of nature. I want others to be able to stop and think of just how pure and perfect creation is. Even the most simplistic of things are made up of tiny intricate cells and require the most complex systems to work together with physics and the forces of the world to even move or recreate. I hope to portray this idea through my artwork by using vibrant colors and focusing on the movement and details in nature. I also hope to convey my culture by painting places that are meaningful to me, whether that is the Colorado mountains or the beaches of Michigan where I would spend time with family. Therefore, my paintings reflect culture and identity through naturalistic scenes that are colorful and complex.

Publication Date

Spring 2020

Low Tide