The Neighbor


The Neighbor


Carlotta Herzog

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Artist's Biography

Carlotta Cisternas Herzog is a graphic designer and photographer. She was born in Houston, Texas to German immigrant parents, and spent her childhood and adolescent years between the US and Germany. Her interest in photography began at a young age and has led her down many interesting avenues, including self-publishing a cookbook at 17 and working as a documentary photographer in Eastern Africa. While design is now her primary focus, photography remains an important part of her personal artistic practice. She is currently a senior at UNC, graduating in May 2020 with a B.A. in graphic design.

Artist's Statement

When I first picked up a camera, my main subjects were my family. Through this careful study blossomed a fascination with the nuances of human nature. I can’t help but notice the way someone moves through a space or how they impact their surroundings; I pay attention to what a person leaves behind and what they do when they think no one is looking. Today, my work intertwines themes of identity and place, pulling from those early familial inspirations to create a commentary on the extraordinary nature of human beings. The image on display in this exhibition is from an ongoing series entitled Neighborhood. Through photographing the people and homes in my neighborhood over a period of time, I hope to create a unique, meditative portrait of the area in which I live.

Publication Date

Spring 2020


Awarded Honorable Mention by juror Arielle Myers.

The Neighbor