Restricted Access


Restricted Access


Devon Olds

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Artist's Biography

Devon Olds is a Sophomore Mathematics major with minors in Studio Art and Music. Hailing from Denver, Colorado, he has received Scholastic gold keys at the state level, and a national silver medal portfolio. He also has a piece featured in the 2019 National AP Art Show.

Artist's Statement

Restricted Access strives to tackle elitism within the art world. It features a simple picture frame, encaged by chicken wire, chain links, and locks. The keys, however, are located within the enclosure, out of reach. Far too often in the fine art community, there is a correlation between success and esoterica.

This perpetuates an elite circle to create and appreciate art, effectively barring anyone without a certain education or economic status from being heard. Restricted Access is a symbolic representation of this phenomenon and even an ironic example of the phenomenon itself.

Publication Date

Spring 2020

Restricted Access