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Various Works


Jade Martin

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Artist's Biography

Jade Martin is an Art + Design major with an emphasis in Graphic Design at the University of Northern Colorado. While pursuing her major, she is also minoring in business to broaden her skills as an artist. Passionate about social justice, Jade is looking forward to beginning her Master’s Degree in Sociology and hopes her artwork will promote change with each piece she creates. She currently works at the Center for Women’s and Gender Equity as their graphic design specialist to uphold the values she supports.

Artist's Statement

Growing up, I adored fashion magazines Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, GQ, and the fashion bible Vogue. It was so alluring as a child to see adults confidently dressed in exciting colors and patterns. Looking at the photographs, it had never occurred to me that I could be the one behind the camera directing models in their clothing until I had entered college. Capturing the beauty of gender neutral outfits was the goal for “Madi and Andrew.”

Along with art and design, social justice is a great passion of mine that I want to continue incorporating into my works. My intention for this photograph was to promote discussion on how gender roles are pushed in the fashion industry. “Madi and Andrew” was my take on incorporating these ideas. It was vital to depict that gender neutral outfits are just as powerful and impactful as clothing with boundaries attached.

“Madi and Andrew,” shot on my Canon T6, was one photograph among a series that depicted defying gender roles in fashion. As an artist, it’s important for me to create work that directs change and provokes thought. As many friends enjoyed the day playing with clothing, makeup, and props, we shot from 10am-5pm. This photograph was inspired by and dedicated to those who defy gender norms.

The core of fashion is designed to be ever-changing, creative, inclusive, and limitless.

Publication Date

Spring 2020

Various Works