Head Amongst the Flowers Part 2


Head Amongst the Flowers Part 2


Chandler Youngs

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Artist's Biography

Chandler Youngs is a photographer born in Pagosa Springs residing in Greeley, Colorado, emphasizing in botanical photography at the University of Northern Colorado. She has been a freelance photographer for the past 4 years and her range varies from landscape to portirature but has found a special niche in botanical photography. Her work showcased in Northern Colorado’s Working Artist exhibition and Northern Colorado’s Design Day exhibition.

Artist's Statement

I find it difficult to describe precisely why I do art. I didn’t become an artist to depend on the outcome of my artwork. I do it because of the way an artist views the world. Walking along the river is no longer just a walk. It’s an artist stopping and going because “I can’t leave without taking a photo of this.” The world through an artist’s eye is confusing yet magical.

Photography ignites in me a passion for exploring the world and the twists and turns that come along with it. As an artist I seek to create feelings through my artwork. The feeling changes with every photo taken. With my series of “Head in the Flowers” my intention was to create a new perspective where the viewer could feel tiny and miniscule where they walk along in a dreamlike world where flowers grow taller than trees. The feeling of living in a fantasy.

Publication Date

Spring 2020

Head Amongst the Flowers Part 2