Rustic Array


Rustic Array


Maya Salazar

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Artist's Biography

Maya Salazar grew up in Johnstown, Colorado. In 2014, she earned a Scholastic Art and Writing Gold Key Award. Maya is currently pursuing her Studio Arts Degree at University of Northern Colorado. She began drawing at the age of three and mainly draws people with charcoal and colored pencils. After discovering digital art, her interest in the medium grew and she continues to use digital media to create works of art.

Artist's Statement

The content that I want to focus on during the process of making an art piece is the setting of the mood. I find that colors help me figure out what feeling the piece could obtain and possibly what story it might have.

In “Rustic Array”, it is mainly in a warm, terracotta color along with the light values on the flowers and the darks in the background. All together they create a sense of warmth and a homey atmosphere in a Western world.

Publication Date

Spring 2020

Rustic Array