A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing


A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing


Isabella Sajdak

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Artist's Biography

Isabella is a visual artist born and raised in Colorado. She is a current UNC sophomore double majoring in Art History, focused on Asian art, and Studio Art with two emphasises in Drawing and Digital Media. Isabella is heavily inspired by American literature, Asian art, and contemporary politics. Her lifelong fascination with animals translates into her work, which she uses as a symbolic vehicle to explore the human condition. She works primarily with gouache paint, Prismacolor pencils, Copic markers, Procreate, and Photoshop.

Artist's Statement

The duality of mankind is one of the most fascinating concepts I have ever explored through my artwork. This interest of mine began in high school when I studied tremendously influential novels such as Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston, Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk, and Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Though these works are unique in their own regards, they successfully approach one universal topic: the human condition. These novels critically observe what it means to be a natural organism living in a civilized, often corrupt and violent, society.

I strive to follow the movements of these books by depicting existentialist human expression and issues through my art. In order to convey my message, I juxtapose Man vs. Nature in order to compare and contrast relations with the natural world and people’s natural animalistic instincts. I often opt to use animal subjects with cultural associations for societal symbolism. I utilize bright colors and an illustrative style in order to captivate my audience and to create a surreal, unique world within my work. I am heavily inspired by the style and content of Studio Ghibli, Japanese art from the Edo period, and fine illustrator J.A.W Cooper.


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Publication Date

Spring 2020

A Sheep in Wolf's Clothing