Night Cataclysm


Night Cataclysm


Diana Ramirez

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Artist's Biography

A native to the Denver metro area, Diana Ramirez is a UNC student studying Graphic Design and has a minor in Business Administration. Aside from Graphic Design, she has interests in Illustration, Concept Art, and Photography. Her imagination and love for storytelling is what fuels her artistry. Diana intends to graduate from UNC in 2021.

Artist's Statement

I didn’t intend to take these photos that night in Denver. I was doing a photoshoot for a different project – a fashion shoot with friends to be specific. We were surrounded by life. The calm came later during our drive back home. With the help of long exposure times, I was able to capture these photos from the comfort of our car.

Night Cataclysm is a representation of the vibrancy of a city at night. The two photos show the duality of the constant electricity of a sleepless city versus the calm sensations of feeling at home. If I were to use just one word to describe this diptych, it would be “nostalgia.”

Publication Date

Spring 2020

Night Cataclysm