Mindfulness 2020


Mindfulness 2020


William Carver

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Artist's Biography

Hi I’m William Carver, I am a Senior Graphic Design student. In addition to graphic design, I also study animation and motion graphics. I like to incorporate my 3D work into any project I can because I believe that it can elevate it to another level.

Artist's Statement

The idea for Mindfulness 2020 came to me when it was put into perspective on how often we stop and think in the moment? How do we ponder what has happened in such a short time? Looking back, this year has grown to so much more and makes that first month look like nothing.

I decided to create the project using Cinema4D, a 3d modeling and rendering software.

It allowed me to tell this story in much more detail and emotion. Additional effects and editing were done in AftterEffects. I chose to depict the world events with TVs clustered together because we are becoming an increasingly digital world.

Music Used: deadmau5 - hr 8938 cephei (ov)


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Publication Date

Spring 2020

Mindfulness 2020