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The purposes of this study were to create a curriculum map for a potential Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education for a four-year university, promote quality dance education, and find ways to advocate for dance programs in rural communities. To determine the data, the researcher created an electronic survey, met with participants in person, and recorded interviews to collect the evidence. Thirty-six electronic survey participants were current and former dance educators. The participants for the interviews were ten current and former K-12 administrators, seven university faculty, and six general education teachers/curriculum specialist from diverse K-12 campuses. The researcher designed the following essential questions: What pedagogical application courses and course content are essential for undergraduate dance education majors to be prepared to teach diverse student populations and why are these courses considered to be best practices in the dance education field? In what ways can public school districts promote quality dance education? In what ways can graduates of quality dance education programs advocate for dance programs to rural school administration, parents, and students? This research was intended to help grow and establish dance education in a rural part of the United States. By generating qualified dance educators for diverse student populations at the local university, dance education will have a chance to develop into more districts and campuses in the region. The research also provided insight for advocacy for existing dance educators.

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