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The purpose of this study was to create, implement, and assess the results of a dance curriculum based on a long-distance travel experience as inspiration for choreography. The research spanned one semester. Participants included twenty high school dance students and nine audience members. In the study, the researcher attempted to answer the following essential questions: Q1 How can a high school dance course enhance the overall experience and understanding of traveling? Q2 In what ways can travel impact a student’s choreographic process? Q3 What aspects of traveling are most helpful for high school students when exploring their ability to choreograph? Q4 What impact does travel as inspiration for choreography have on the audience members at a dance performance? This study was designed to identify any immediate academic benefits of traveling for high school dance students. Areas of student growth that were measured included proficiency in sketching, reflective writing, photography and videography as ways to document life’s experiences. The researcher worked with twenty high school dance students to discover whether a deeper understanding of the choreographic process can be achieved through participation in a long-distance travel experience. The researcher was also interested in the impact the choreography would have on nine audience members that attended the final performance. This study is not irrefutable, and there are still questions related to the topics that could to be explored. Because the researcher was also the participants’ dance teacher, there existed a potential bias when reviewing and analyzing the data. Further research should be completed by a researcher who is not the dance teacher leading the class and working directly with the students. Additionally, a larger sample of students with a wider range of ages and skills, and a balance between the genders would be necessary to find whether a similar outcome would be achieved. More audience members could be included as well, to better validate the responses described by those involved in the current study. The researcher found that travel can indeed be an enriching and educational experience. Benefits to dance students included increased desire to experience the world through travel by observing, documenting, and analyzing their travel experience. They were able to transpose their travel experience into the art of dance by learning about the choreographic process.