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For years, the concept of motivation has been a popular topic of discussion among various researchers and practitioners. Nowadays, managers are continuously challenged to perceive the motivated factors in their employees in order to promoting the retention of the motivated workforce. Healthcare worker retention is critical for health system functionality; however, the key issue is how to best motivate and retain health care professionals. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of literature on measuring motivation of health workers in Vietnam especially among nurses. For this reason, the study was conducted to survey the influence of job motivation on nurse retention in a Vietnamese private hospital named American International Hospital (AIH). The study measured and identified the important aspects of job motivation in nurses at AIH which was based on the Herzberg’s theory of motivation. It was conducted from November 2018 to March 2019 and include nurses who are working in AIH. According to the report of Human Resource Officer at AIH, the nursing department has a highest turnover rate of nurses in the first two months operation of AIH. AIH is in need of healthcare workers, especially nurses with high qualifications and higher levels of patient care satisfaction. The purpose of this study was to conduct a descriptive empirical research to investigate the reasons of nurse turnover and the relationship between internal motivating factors and nurse retention in a Vietnamese private hospital (AIH) to recommend ways for improving motivation for retention of the nursing workforce. In the final section, the researcher conducted the study by using a questionnaire to obtain information on the factors associated with retention rates and their relationship to the actual nurse retention rate. The instrument was a 5-point Likert scale survey (1= very dissatisfied, 5= extremely satisfied), which was used to measure the independent variables, work environment, and motivating factors. Statistical Package for the Social Science (SPSS) 22 was used to perform the statistical analysis of the collected data. The responses were analyzed statistically to evaluate the relationship between the independent variables and nurse retention. There were 54 nurses at the AIH that agreed to participate in the study. Although the author could not demonstrate a negative or positive correlation between independent and dependent variables, the findings of the study support some conclusions as follows: The results indicated that 77.2% of nurses would like to continue working in AIH because of the new medical facility with modern infrastructure could commit to provide opportunities to learn and advance their skills. The relationship statements had the highest of level of satisfaction in nurses at AIH; the factors such as motivation and job security, working hours were the medium satisfaction. The lowest satisfactory factors in nurses were salary, benefit and working condition variables. The research recommends that Human Resource Management should consider the provision of monetary incentives and adapt existing reward and bonus systems. Besides, the study also sought that Board of Director should build the consistent and standard operating procedure to consolidate AIH system in stable operation in order to avoid common difficulties in the initial steps of operation.

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