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The study was conducted to investigate factors affecting the work motivation of nurses working at University Medical Center. The study also examined the correlation between factors that might affect work motivation such as demographic characteristics (age, gender, job position, work unit, educational level, etc.). Determination of the importance of motivational factors is essential for managers and would help them develop appropriate solutions to enhance motivation for nurses. A descriptive cross-sectional design was used. One hundred and forty (N = 140) nurses working at University Medical Center participated in answering a questionnaire to determine the importance of motivational factors. In addition, the reliability of the questionnaire was calculated and determined to be suitable for application in this study. The results of the data analysis showed the importance of motivational factors. Motivational factors that played key roles in promoting nurses at UMC to successfully complete their work were work safety, salary, and working conditions. Other factors such as appropriate work which promote professional expertise, relationship with colleagues, attention of leaders in life of employees, being proactive in work, and learning opportunities also need attention to enhance work motivation of nurses in this setting. This study provided information for managers regarding what needs should be prioritized in developing strategies that encourage nurses’ motivation and satisfaction in the work setting.

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