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Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) is an infectious illness that affects millions of people, especially children under five years of age. The social impact of severe HFMD to the health community, family members, and children is also of big concern. In the south of Vietnam, Binh Duong province is located in the area affected by HFMD. Unfortunately, caregivers have little knowledge to prevent and detect HFMD severity in children. The research question asked how effective teaching about HFMD was to improve knowledge of caregivers for detecting HFMD severity in children under five years of age at My Phuoc Hospital in Binh Duong Province, Vietnam. Therefore, the purpose of this quasi-experimental study was to determine the effectiveness of HFMD teaching to improve knowledge for preventing and detecting severe HFMD in children less than five years of age. In the analysis section, data were extracted from 52 caregivers caring for children under five years of age before and after a health education session. The results showed the intervention measures improved knowledge about HFMD in participants after the intervention. In the pretest, 34.6% caregiver had levels of poor and very poor understanding, 38.5% had moderate levels, and 26.9% had good and very good knowledge levels. This finding compared with 86.5% caregivers who achieved very good knowledge levels after intervention.

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