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The purpose of this study was to help dance educators enhance their curriculum by implementing four support instruments designed to help students with special needs. This study aimed to answer the following questions: Q1 In what ways does the implementation of support materials designed for students with special needs help support an inclusive classroom? Q2 In what ways do these support materials help dance teachers enhance their lessons for students with special needs, hence maximizing student response, participation and engagement and student-teacher relationship? Five dance educators participated in this study where they completed an entrance and post-survey, and an implementation checklist that tracked instrument implementation and student response. Participants were able to modify instruments to fit their unique classroom and student needs. The data collected provided the researcher with quantitative and qualitative data that showed much positive responses from both students and teachers on support instrument implementation. This data supports dance educators’ need for such materials in order to support an inclusive classroom and help meet students’ learning goals. Further research can advocate for more like resources in the dance classroom for students with special need.