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The purpose of this study was to bring awareness to dance-based non-profits which operate for the purpose of being a restorative resource for victims of sex trafficking. The goal of the researcher was to answer these five essential questions: Q1 What is the structure of the program? Q2 What are the outreach strategies being used to bring in participants? Q3 What kind of curriculum is being used in the program? Q4 What are the benefits that dance-based non-profits provide for victims of sex trafficking? Q5 How are the benefits of these programs being measured? This research was significant because with more awareness and knowledge of these dance-based non-profits, more dance educators should be able to find innovative ways to provide resources for such hurting populations. Ultimately, this study could increase the understanding of dance-based programs available to sex trafficked victims in order to promote the future growth of such programs. Two dance-based non-profits agreed to take part in this study. The participants in this study were two dance teachers with varying roles within the organizations. For this reason, some essential questions could not be answered. This caused limitations within the study, but overall, both non-profits were able to provide valuable information regarding how their dance-based programs operate and what benefits sex trafficked victims received by participating in them since there are limited non-profits which currently work to provide dance-based programs for sex trafficking victims. This study aimed to promote the expansion of these types of dance-based programs, with the intent that survivors of sex trafficking will continue to find restorative resources by participating in them.