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Hoey-Gordon, Tarayjah. From the Concrete to the Classroom: A Street Dance Toolkit. Unpublished Master of Arts thesis, University of Northern Colorado, 2020. Minimal research exists in the way of successfully and appropriately incorporating the study of Hip-Hop culture into public education dance curriculum. Many of the available resources about this topic are not academic, standards based, or developed through research studies. The purpose of creating a Street Dance Toolkit was to analyze the ways in which access to an extended curriculum based on Hip-Hop culture can be used to expand a dance educator’s knowledge of Street Dance as a formal technique in a public school setting. The process of designing and analyzing the toolkit to establish a formalized street dance curriculum was the foundation of the study. Hip-Hop is one of a select group of dance genres that becomes categorized as a world/urban/social dance and is often not given the same respect as Ballet or Modern dance. There is a misconception amongst some dance educators that Street Dance is vulgar and inappropriate to teach in public schools. This researcher utilized qualitative and quantitative data to formulate a curriculum guide to help expose the world of Hip-Hop to dance educators.