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The intent of this research study was to inform students, teachers, and parents of the advantages and disadvantages associated with participation in competitive dance. Through the use of an electronic survey and questionnaire, the researcher evaluated the responses of forty participants through quantitative and qualitative analysis. The participants provided detailed information regarding their personal experiences, both past and present, in regard to the physical, mental, and emotional impact competitive dance had on their life. The research questions addressed in this study were: Q1 What are the effects of competitive dance on a dancer’s physical body? Q2 What are the effects of competitive dance on a dancer’s mental well-being? Q3 How has involvement in competitions affected a dancer’s personal reflections about themselves and their relationship with dance? Limitations to this study included time restrictions, subject accessibility, the Covid 19 pandemic, and the construction of the survey and questionnaire. The survey and questionnaire were both created by the researcher and although she tried to develop questions in an unbiased format, the survey was not tested for validity. The next limitation was the Covid 19 pandemic which also correlated with participant accessibility. From the time frame August 2020 until August 2021, when the survey was available, the world was experiencing a global pandemic. Due to this, many people were affected negatively and therefore uninterested or unable to participate. Lastly, because the survey was only available for a one-year time frame, the ability to collect more data from a larger sample size was limited.

At the conclusion of the study, the data supported that participation in competitive dance had both positive and negative effects on an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional well- being. It is the responsibility of the dancers, parents and teachers to educate themselves on how competitive dance can impact the dancer, physically, mentally, and emotionally. This study showed how competition dance can have long lasting effects, both good and bad, on an individual’s life.