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Wakefield, Daniel Eugene. The Kid – Original Score. Unpublished Master of Music thesis, University of Northern Colorado, 2022.

The Kid – Original Score is a new musical underscore composed for the Charlie Chaplin silent film The Kid, released in 1921. This new musical score is composed for a twenty-five- piece orchestra, consisting of woodwinds, brass, percussion, piano, and strings. The music begins during the opening credits with the titular card “The Kid” and extends twenty-three seconds beyond the final on-screen card “The End,” for a total of fifty-two minutes and forty-eight seconds of underscore. The music is composed in an orchestral style that recalls stylistic elements of the film scores of the early 20th century, while also incorporating stylistic considerations of both film music and orchestral music from the 21st century. The new underscore was premiered live with a twenty-five-piece orchestra at the University of Northern Colorado on April 18, 2022, with Daniel Eugene Wakefield conducting.