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The purpose of this study was to explore how dance students will use movement exploration, improvisational experiences and reflective writing in the creation of personal movement choices and development of the artistic voice. The researcher developed three essential questions to guide this research: Q1 How does improvisation and movement exploration aid students in finding their own artistic voice?

Q2 What did the participants learn about the processes of improvisation and movement exploration through their reflective journal writing?

Q3 Do the participants feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the study?

The research instruments included pre- and post-surveys and weekly journal prompts conducted inside and outside of the classroom. These quantitative and qualitative methods were used to engage the participants, asking opinions, perceptions and attitudes about the subject matter presented. The answers to yes or no questions or multiple-choice questions were analyzed quantitatively, while answers to open-ended questions were analyzed qualitatively identifying emerging themes. Nine students completed the pre-survey at the beginning of the study. Eight high school female dancers participated in this research and participated in two fifty minutes classes, per week, for eight weeks. The researcher designed this class specifically for this project

with lessons focusing on the use of weight, space, and timing. At the beginning of the study students engaged in composition work, creating their own solos based on emotional scenarios. The participants were then challenged to discover their own ideas with creating dance through movement exploration and improvisation. At the end of the study students revisited and revised their compositional work based on their in-class movement experiences. Each class was followed by in-class and out-of-class journal writing assignments which engaged the students in more mindful reflection of their experiences throughout the study.