Stephani Willis

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Cynthia Mitchell

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I will explain how college student’s academic performance will improve by exercising. This will help college students because working out improves one's body image. When an individual's body image improves, other things like quality of life will improve as well. For those who might not know exactly what body image is, it’s the way someone views themselves which can be in a positive or negative way (Gillen, 2015). It’s been proven that individuals with positive body image show fewer depressive symptoms (Gillen, 2015, p. 71). It's surprising how much positive body image impacts an individual's quality of life. When one looks good, one tends to feel good. When someone feels good they tend to have an increased self-esteem. This can lead to academic success. It's common knowledge that college can be distressing and difficult. This is why it's import to improve ones body image. There is a significant decree in college student burn outs when quality of life and body image is influenced by exercising (Praire, Ahane & Lawrence, 2019, p. 1). It’s very important to improve academic performance but what is even more important is staying in school. If college students were more aware of how exercise and body image can impact their academic performance, then there would be less college student burn outs.