ADHD and Its Effects on Young Minority College Adults


Aizana Hunt

Faculty Advisor

Cynthia Mitchell

Faculty Advisor

Darren Ilett

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Ever since ADHD was first discovered, it has been a hindrance and a psychological monster to people who have been negatively impacted, and they must find ways to look at things in a different manner. I want to know the history and the background of when ADHD was first discovered and when the term was originated. Also, understanding how the disability occurs and being able to figure out why it is more prevalent in boys than in girls may also help immensely. I also want to explore why ADHD occurs more frequently in lower income families of color. Being able to understand the structure and function of how ADHD attacks the brain and where it affects our ways of thinking and being able to see if there are any ways to help cope with it or reverse it would help. As time goes on, hopefully researchers can find a way to figure out the disability to help improve people’s lives throughout the world. Also, if we can figure out all of these problems relating to ADHD, we can educate people so they can learn and understand it to help improve their way of living.

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