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Cassendra Bergstrom

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The chameleon effect is a phenomenon in which people unconsciously copy other people’s behaviors so they match the people around them in interactive settings. It is important for college students to know what type of personality they have and how that personality type is impacted by this phenomenon. This is because it will allow them to be more aware of this phenomenon’s effect as sometimes the mind naturally blends into situations that are problematic if they are not overcome. The result of this knowledge can help them perform better in academic settings and be safer in social settings as they will know how their personality is affected in these situations. The chameleon effect and the personality traits of introversion and extroversion have been studied in previous literature in many ways separately, but not together in the manner this research has done. This study aims to investigate how the chameleon effect may impact introverts and extroverts differently in social and academic settings, with the intention of finding who is more impacted by the phenomenon in these settings. This study will use a survey that has two parts: an introversion and extroversion scale and four stories; two will be about social settings and the other two will be about academic settings, and after reading, participants will answer one question on how they would behave in that setting. The data analysis will be looking at the correlation between introversion/extroversion and the chameleon effect. The hypothesis is that in social settings, extroverts will be more impacted by the chameleon effect than introverts, and the opposite is hypothesized to be observed in academic settings with introverts being more impacted than extroverts. The belief is that the results will show this pattern when the data is analyzed after collection is complete.