Jorge Rubio

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Kristin Bovaird-Abbo

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Masculinity is a construct that has come into question in the recent past as society grapples with concepts of gender and roles. The following quote alludes to the significance of this project : “some traditional masculine traits are concerning and potentially harmful for the person in question and those around him” (Mull 2).I intend to address the growing concerns society has with men’s identities. To do this, I am writing a short, 80 page, novella titled Bonus: a journey to masculinity. In it I discuss the topics: morality, men and masculinity, God and meaning. Which I argue play into one another, that is, the concept of god being male gives young men something to strive for, meaning. That morality is a code of conduct for achieving this end and masculinity is label the moves one in this direction as opposed to another.[I am drawing on my previous work on status function in philosophy (labels), a theoretical framework of morality “Convention and the normative structure, books like Thus Spake Zarathustra by Fredrick Nietzsche for this novella. My intentions are to evoke thought in young men who identify with Bonus, and through him rethink morality, men and masculinity, God and meaning - as it applies to their identity. By the end of the novel, I hope that men can begin to identify with their labels, their privilege, the source of immorality, and how the concepts: men, God and meaning play into one another. In this presentation, I will describe the background philosophical frameworks and read a short section of the novella.


This presentation is a finalist for the Undergraduate Humanities, Arts & Creative Endeavors Research Excellence Award