Lisa O'Connor

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Anna Ursyn

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Math and the arts have been intersecting for millennia. Math is the foundation of perspective and proportion; it is also the foundation of data driven art. This creative project is an interdisciplinary exploration of identity through data driven fiber art that breaks from both the typical media of data driven art and the typical subject matter of fiber art. The purpose of the project is to combine empirical data and fiber art to explore how women attending the University of Northern Colorado define themselves. Participants have been interviewed from three distinct areas of academic life: the math and sciences departments, the art department, and the Stryker Institute for Leadership Development. Each has been asked the questions “who are you first?” and “who are you next?” down through seven levels of their identity. Each participant’s responses will be color coded and painted onto squares of fabric. The size of each area of color will be determined by its location in the hierarchy of responses. These individual portraits of identity will be combined into three quilts according to interview location. The final piece will provide three visual cross sections of the women on the university campus, the portrait of a group composed from separate identities occupy the same spaces. This final piece will be displayed on the UNCO campus in a special exhibit. By presenting the creative project in a public forum, the collective portraits can help identify intersections of commonality between student groups, strengthening the foundation from which we drive forward the conversations of identity and social justice on our campus.


This presentation is a finalist for the Undergraduate Humanities, Arts & Creative Endeavors Research Excellence Award.