Linguistics and Speech: How Our use of Words Interacts With and Changes the World Around Us


David Anderson

Faculty Advisor

Kristin Bovaird-Abbo

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The use of words, whether they reach another’s ears or not, changes the world around us. Words cannot change reality; however, they can change our thoughts, actions, and mindsets. Not only can they change us, intrinsically, they can affect and transform our world at large. The act of speaking on a specific subject will affect the mind of the listener, or the audience. Through this change in mind; a change that will fuel a current belief, alter a belief into something else, or create a new idea; will cause actions made by the audience that will affect the world on either a minor or fundamental level. This may seem obvious, and it is. All of us have been told that what we say have consequences, both good and bad. Most of us have (hopefully) been told that what we say can affect the world by speaking with people and crowds. However, one does not need to be a public speaker to affect change. Even through the ears of one person, they may speak of the same subject to another. From them may be another, and another, and another. Soon, the speech of one person may reach thousands, something few public speakers reach. The manner of research may be somewhat difficult, although, there are some paths to walk through. The comparing and contrasting of the number of affected individuals between a single-person speaker, and a public speaker. This is a more difficult manner of research as the single-person speaker may not be recorded. Other options may be to research speakers of all kinds, and record how those they interact with react later in time. What we say dictates how both the world and the people around us will react.

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