Voran Heiny

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B. Peterson

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Much has been done to establish the need for, and benefits of, pre-college philosophy. However, there is an important argument to this effect that is unfortunately missing from much of the discussion. This is Mary Warnock's work, where she argues in favor of pre-college philosophy, because it can increase what she calls candor, meaning being open and honest. To accomplish this, I will be drawing on Mary Warnock’s writings Philosophy in Education, Education for Pleasure, and Honesty and Cynicism. The addition of philosophy in the education system will allow students to gain a holistic and critical view of the subjects they are learning in school, which will lead to them having candor and lead to more trust of the education system rather than them being bitter cynics. Also, I will argue that the current grading system of the United States should be reworked rather than having a student’s performance be denoted on an A through F scale that only serves to drive the student to get good grades. After all, the goal of education should be to learn and that is easier to accomplish if the students enjoy learning rather than viewing school as simply a chore to accomplish.