Tai-Lin Liu

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Michael Graham

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In recent years, governments in many countries have begun to push for expanding access to early childhood education. (Casio & Schanzenbach, 2013)For example, under the previous administration in the US, Barrack Obama proposed reform of preschool education in the United State in 2013 to expand high-quality preschool education from birth to the age of five and continue to invest in early learning opportunities. Consistent with the US, Taiwan has also officially released amendment of “Curriculum Guidelines of Preschool Activities” in 2018, which was designed to improve the quality of preschool education in order to provide appropriate educational and security services and achieve the objectives of education. (Weng, 2017) It is clear from these trends around the world, more and more people are realizing the importance of preschool education. However, there are many people who question whether or not preschool education is necessary and misunderstand the impact preschool can have upon creating foundations for children's success as well as the outcomes of children's life had they not engaged in preschool systems. According to studies, which shows that preschool education can help students to increase their interest in learning, reduce chances to grade retention or the rates of being suspended in school. (Arteaga & Humpage & Reynolds & Temple, 2014) Even physical and psychological problems and other social problems may decrease. (Carneiro & Ginja, 2014) In the following sections of this paper introduction and advantages of preschool education, an international standard for preschool education and how it impacts human growth and development will be explored to highlight the importance of preschool education cannot be ignored and denied; it could influence people through lifetime, not just be helpful for education experiences afterward so that there is more understanding around the utility of preschool educational systems for children's lives and future successes.