Waterproof Cochlear Implants


Karissa Terry

Faculty Advisor

Jennifer Weber

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Cochlear Implants have succeeded Hearing Aids in todays world with their technological advantages. Not only are Cochlear Implants Bluetooth, but some Cochlear Implants have been created that are waterproof. But what about hearing aids? We seem to have forgotten about hearing aid users who cannot afford Cochlear Implants or are not eligible for them. This project will look at the materials in these waterproof Cochlear Implants to determine what could potentially be used in a hearing aid as well. By collecting this data, it will allow me to reach out to hearing aid manufacturers in attempt to create a waterproof hearing aid, and not just another water resistant aid. The research will be collected through online sources, as well as phone calls to Implant manufacturers to determine what information there is out there about these assistive hearing devices.

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