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Tina M. Stoody


This project examined the relationships between pediatric cochlear implantation and Deaf Culture. More specifically, this research investigated how/if parents are educated about or exposed to Deaf Culture during the cochlear implant candidacy evaluation process, and what type of interactions (if any) the child or caregiver had with members of the Deaf community after the child received a cochlear implant. A short survey was distributed to caregivers of pediatric cochlear implantees. While the responses were varied, a majority of caregivers responded that Deaf culture was not an active piece of the CI candidacy process. Additionally, interactions with members of the Deaf community post implantation were mixed. This research substantiates that there is still some negative bias within the Deaf community against pediatric cochlear implantation. It is unclear if increased information regarding Deaf Culture options during the candidacy process might benefit families and encourage a more uniformly positive view of pediatric cochlear implantation.

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