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Dr. Berlinda Saenz


This article examines the perpetuation of Latino stereotypes and paradigms within American Pop Culture. Pop culture venues such as film, television, and the web platform YouTube were used as a basis for analysis. In addition, a few television primetime shows and movies are referenced, including The George Lopez Show, Jane the Virgin, Gilmore Girls, Scarface, and Mi Vida Loca (my crazy life), and critically analyzed as evidence of Latino subordination. Latino Americans face many challenges including being stereotyped as uneducated, poverty-stricken, lazy, aloof, and obtaining low end jobs such as janitors, housemaids, and gardeners. These negative depictions have created an illusion instead of depicting the Latino reality as hardworking, dedicated, and family-oriented people. Within this paper, an argument is made for why these depictions are false, create harm within the community, promote Anglo-American hegemony, and drive overall racial subordination.

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