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Wanasika, Isaac


The purpose of this research is to identify the relationship between interactionism and management. Interactionism examines the psychological and behavioral factors that affect individual interactions in social environments. In this research, two different types of interactionism will be examined prior to concluding on the significant effects it will have in the discipline of management. While symbolic interactionism focuses more on the instruments of communication and the perceptions that they create, interpretive interactionism discusses the application of such findings. Both types of interactionism reflect on the “self” and psychological perceptions, which affect and shape one’s behavior in diverse circumstances. This study develops a theoretical framework that explains these relationships. The social nature of such a topic has applications in a variety of disciplines, and management is one of them. While it is not a major topic in business, in the future, it will be a significant area of focus. It will provide future managers with a deeper understanding of employee behaviors, help them acquire knowledge on social interactions, and enable individuals to optimize their performance. This will be an effective tool for a manager who wants to structure an efficient and successful organization.

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