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Rayvon Solomon

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Corman, Rhonda


With total population and urban development ever increasing in the United States, economists must consider the environmental impact of human infrastructure before it is too late. This research project examines the feasibility of urban sprawl within the United States from an ecological standpoint. Sprawl is “…defined as a pattern of urban and metropolitan growth that reflects low-density, automobile-dependent, exclusionary new development…” and is a significant economic factor that has social, political, and cultural repercussions (Squires, 2002). Land conservation, farming efficiency, and other sustainability efforts have been discussed in great detail by scholars across various disciplines, yet most major cities lack the initiative to act on these concerns. I take personal interest in this topic because I want to ensure that future generations are more conscientious of environmental strain, acting in a manner that best suits their needs while also protecting the environment. This project serves as a proposal for acquiring political appeal and implementing cost-effective sustainability efforts at the local level.

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