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This study provides follow up from the initial mixed-methods study of incorporating CLs in UNIV 101 and provides a more comprehensive examination. This was a program-level assessment.

The primary research question asks whether the success of year three can be replicated when scaled to serve the entire UNIV 101 program. In other words, were the elements of the program in year three the basis of the success or was it dependent on the group of CLs who participated?

  1. Do incorporating Class Leaders affect students’ first semester achievement (i.e., first- term GPA, and spring persistence) including first-generation students?
  2. What are the experiences of CL program participants (i.e., instructors, CLs, and students)?
  3. How do CLs skill and effectiveness change over the course of the semester?
  4. What are students’ perceptions of and engagement with the CL program?


2019-2020 Assessment Mini-Grant