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In the classical singing field, vocal Fach is an important part of a singer’s identity. Fach classification is initially assigned by gender and further separated within each gender based on characteristics of sound and appearance. There is significant debate over the similarity of techniques used to teach each Fach. Discussion among singers and the prevalence of publications related to training one specific voice type suggests that there are notable differences in technique across Fach, and by extension, gender. This research compares Richard Miller’s books on soprano, tenor, and baritone voice training with Estelle Liebling’s courses for soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, and bass to determine areas of differing technique between voice types. This comparison also underscores the differences in perspective based on the gender of the teacher, highlighting Liebling’s perspective on teaching male voices and Miller’s perspective on teaching female voices. Topics addressed include breathing, registration, and resonance. This dissertation is intended to be a tool for teachers to communicate more effectively across gender.

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